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Walking My World

I’m not a perfect girl.  So I guess that would make me “unperfect”….and I like it that way.  I have been described as odd, weird, unique and quirky.  And maybe these descriptions are correct – they probably are, as I firmly believe that others know far more than I do, about all sorts of stuff.  But there is all sorts of stuff that I know as well that others don’t know that I know….the voices in my head often tell me this.  Maybe it is time to share my stuff that I know.

I would like to allow you all into my quirky, crazy world and listen to the voices in my head. You may not always like them (I know that I often don’t!) and you may not always agree with them but I am sure that they will make you laugh and look at life a little differently from my angle.

My passion is my animals (or as I call them…FurKidz) and I would love the opportunity to introduce them all to you through this blog.  I would also love to share a bit of my funny family life with you (and try to keep my poor husband and mother anonymous – for their own sanity!)

There are many things that don’t go my way…. My hair never has a good day. I am clumsy. I fall down a lot.  I spill things on my clothes.  It is challenging Walking My World.  I am OCD with lots of things like how the toilet roll hangs, which way the flowers point on the duvet, how the pillowcase sits on the pillows, how my socks are rolled, how my tops are folded… I have awesome friends that I allow into the closest, weirdest part of my mind and they are still around after many years so I don’t think I am TOO bad…your comments would be appreciated.

But I would like you all to walk a bit with me in my upside-down world.

An Unperfect Girl with her Perfect FurKidz

An Unperfect Girl with her Perfect FurKidz


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