The World Of Bren

My World Seen Through My Eyes And All Kinds Of Other Crap

Some Poems From The Heart

A Morning Poem

I wake with thoughts in my head of you, images of your eyes and smile behind my closed eyelids, sounds of your voice and laugh in my ears like the tinkling of wind chimes, breath on my lips placed there by your last kiss, heat on my skin from the fire of your hands, blood in my veins that flows towards you, heart beats that gallop me towards the next time I see your eyes turn towards me and burn my skin where they rest.

This is not a dream for if it is I wish to never wake.  I would rather open my eyes to see you there, and step back into the blazing heat of our love than slumber still in dreamless sleep and never feel the pain of true love and the fear of loss.

Horizon’s Kiss

A night of darkness broken by stars, the moons’ soft glow touching my skin.  There is someone beside me but still I am alone.

Sounds of sleep surround me but the silence is deafening, your breath is the thing I crave, the steady rise and fall of your chest, the heat of your skin.

A warm glow kisses the horizon, breaking the silver dew of morning, another day, another step that brings me closer to your side.

Uncertainty surrounds my vision, where will this path bathed in sunlight and shadow lead?

There is only one thing I know, my love for you will only grow, and when you turn to me and offer me your hand, I won’t hesitate to take it and next to you I will stand.


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