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Destruction Of My Wrecking Journal

This is a totally new and foreign concept to me. Destroying a book. Like ACTUALLY destroying a book.

Wrecking Journals are all about this.

I accidentally discovered a Wrecking Journal site on the internet and then fell upon it on YouTube and was totally fascinated. I had never heard of this before and I thought it a bit strange but probably because I didn’t really understand the concept. There were images of an actual Wreck This Journal being shown and I had definitely not seen this journal in any of our local shops.  I was mildly curious…with an edge of anxiety over the thought of “do you actually wreck this book? How can that be possible?”

Literally 2 days after stumbling onto the Wrecking Journal sites I found THE BOOK in our local book store! I was exhilirated although I still didn’t get it. I paged through the book and read the instructions and I was anxiously fascinated. I put the book down. Walked around the shop. Picked the book up. Showed my husband. Got a strange look. Put the book down. Left the shop.

But this book bothered me.  I went back. I picked the book up. I bought the book. I could not resist.

So, that evening I sat staring at the “book” in my lap and wondering how I was going to get over myself to slowly destroy it.  Books are treasured, protected, worshiped territory to me.  I could not do this. It goes against every natural fibre of my being.

But I had bought it and so I must do this thing.

I watched a quick introductory YouTube clip to get me going. I slowly put my Koki pens to the sides of the book. And wrote my phrase.

That was my turning point. Creative Wrecking.

I suddenly realised that I must not think of this as a book of any sort. Books are in a different category.  THIS IS A JOURNAL. A journal is NOT a book. A journal is about doodles, about inner thoughts, dreams, the negatives, the positives, emotions, creativity,  a place to work through emotions….it is not meant to look perfect and beautiful and neat and tidy.  It is meant to look well-handled, used, scruffy, like it is carrying your life. THIS IS A JOURNAL TO BLEED MY CREATIVITY INTO AND ROUGH IT UP IN THE PROCESS.


I will do this. And I have started with a small bang that has rapidly become an explosion. I am in love.

I invite you to walk through my Wrecking journey with me.

Watch this space.

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